Cultivating a Relationship with Momentum

*Do you take on new ideas like a person on fire and then watch it fizzle out soon after starting?
*Do you share your new ideas with family and friends and get dejected and not take action after someone rains on your parade?
*Have you held on to a dream for a very long time, waiting for your moment to take the leap, wondering if that moment will ever come?

If so, this four part series on Cultivating a Relationship with Momentum is for you!

My name is Pamela and I’m the co-founder of Authentic Relating Ottawa and I’ve been fascinated by the study of momentum for decades now, having taken courses, read books, participated in many trainings and conferences, and studied the work of many people like Byron Katie, Abraham Hicks, and works related to non-violent communication, neuroscience, and more. Moreover, I’ve lived the experience of generating momentum in my life, to create a community such as Authentic Relating Ottawa, to create successful work teams in my previous federal government jobs, to create myself as a Security Officer with the United Nations in Afghanistan, or as a consultant with the World Bank in Washington, D.C., and SO MUCH MORE!

What I’ve discovered is how vital it is to examine my own emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings around that which I’m desiring, or something exciting that lands into my lap. Spending time cultivating my own self-awareness has been the greatest gift I could give myself, and my wish is to create spaces for others to dive deeply into their own selves and experience this gift for themselves! Empowering others is my life’s passion!

You don’t need to want to start a business in order to benefit from taking the time to discover what is your current relationship to momentum, and what you would like to cultivate moving forward. The benefits are outstanding for anything you want to create, from getting excited about what’s for dinner tonight, to finally seeing your art hang in a gallery, to turning your spare room into a crafting paradise and opening up an Etsy account just like you’ve always dreamed of!

Together we are going to explore what is momentum for us collectively in this culture we live in here in Ottawa, and for us as individuals, given our own unique set of beliefs and experiences and influences. We’ll do this using conscious communication tools, with a willingness to hold space for others, and to be held ourselves. This will be a fully immersive group coaching experience with exercises to take home to continue cultivating your own relationship with momentum and supporting others on their journey as well.

January 6th – Week 1: I’ve got an idea – now what?
Identifying triggers, beliefs, patterns, fears laying in waiting to sabotage your momentum yet again! Leave with new tools for navigating all of those!

January 13th – Week 2: I’m not where I thought I’d be yet – help!
Examining our own self talk, cultivating self-compassion, and learning tools for pivoting and (re)focussing.

January 20th – Week 3: Others aren’t seeing it my way yet – WTF?
How our relationships and daily inputs influence our momentum. Using our weaknesses as strengths. Enrolling others in a shared vision to work together towards a common goal.

January 27th – Week 4: Ok – I’ve got this. For now. Now what?
Honouring the cycles of ebb and flow and creating structures for reward, recognition and celebration!

Spaces are limited to six participants maximum, and participants are requested to commit to attending all four sessions. We will begin at 6:30pm and end by 9:30pm. Tea and light snacks provided.

Location: It will be held in my home in Hintonburg (address provided to participants upon registration) which has two Bengal cats in it. They have pelts, and not fur, so generally people are not allergic to them. If this is an issue for you, then perhaps this series is not for you at this venue. But if you’re super keen, reach out to me and maybe you can host one at your place that doesn’t have animals for the next round?

Exchange: $150 via e-transfer to