Authentic Relating Games Online – Edgy Edition – August 11, 2020

$20.00 +HST


Authentic Relating Games Night – Edgy Edition is designed for people who desire to play at the edge of personal and group comfort zones through highly-interactive exercises that explore new ways of seeing, connecting and appreciating each other on a deeper (and more rewarding!) level.
If you are comfortable (or eager to see if you can become comfortable) with discovering and being with dissonance in a conversation, sharing and holding space for sometimes difficult or dense emotions like anger, pain, shame, and guilt – then the Edgy Edition is for you! In the Edgy Edition, we are learning to master the energy of communication with ourselves and others in playful and exploratory ways.

By ‘games’ we mean fun, highly interactive partner and group exercises that demonstrate and explore authentic relating, getting to know your areas of comfort and discomfort better while at the same time learning to see and appreciate more about everyone you connect with. These games are NOT board games like Chutes & Ladders and checkers.

By ‘authentic’ we mean that there is no cookie-cutter mold for how you “should” be or what relating “should look like”. Everyone is a complete universe unto themselves, has a unique style, personality, and integrity that is perfectly *them*, and everyone is perfect and amazing as they are (including their belief that they aren’t.)

By ‘edgy’ we mean that these games will provoke discovery of our personal edge when it comes to communicating authentically. We intend to deeply explore areas of how we communicate and how we receive communication that may give rise to feelings of discomfort or feelings of being deeply seen and heard. This is possible because we will approach the evening with a curiosity for the discovery of self and others, inside a safe and respectful container.

Authentic Relating Games Night Online – Edgy Edition begins at 7:30pm sharp (please arrive by 7:25pm) and ends by 9:30pm.

What can I expect?
Laughter, tears, fun, nourishment, anxiety/excitement (while learning the difference), relaxation, sparks of connection, feeling ALIVE, insights, challenges, love, REALness, personal growth, transformation.

Who can play?
Anyone who feels comfortable exploring their own personal comfort zone and holding space for others while they explore theirs! Whether single, dating, young, old, etc., it doesn’t matter. (NOTE: These are NOT singles or dating events).

Other Notes:

  • No, it’s not the same as meeting up in person, but similar levels of connection can be achieved with a willingness to explore the possibilities being created in the moment.
  • We take a break, so we’re not sitting for 2 hours straight.
  • Zoom link information will be emailed to registered participants via authenticrelatingottawa @ gmail .com – please add us as a safe sender in your email platforms

Looking forward to diving deep into the edges of relating authentically together!


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