Hi, I’m Pamela

I want people to feel empowered to express themselves and feel ALIVE, continuing their path of curiosity and compassion for themselves and others to impact the lives of everyone they love and come in contact with.

As the world becomes a more digital place, we cannot forget about human connection. In fact, we must prioritize it even more.

— Pamela French

About Pamela

Pamela French is the Chief Empowerment Officer and Co-Founder of ARO. As an alumni of the Tefler School of Business at the University of Ottawa, Pamela has worked with the United Nations in Afghanistan, the World Bank in Washington D.C., and the Canadian Federal Government in various policy and managerial roles over the last twenty years. She is passionate about creating experiences where participants develop their relational intelligence skills, especially where creativity, fun and laughter collide!

Over the last ten years of leading events, consulting for organizations and work teams, and private coaching, she has seen firsthand how these communication skills cultivate inclusion, welcome diversity, resolve conflicts quickly, and foster authentic self expression.

Pamela has over two decades worth of trainings, conferences, and spiritual/wisdom traditions under her belt and brings her unique core values of PLAY and EMPOWERMENT to every coaching or facilitation experience.

She is also a member of the Certified Coaches Federation since her graduation from their program in 2012.

Photograph of woman with long brown hair and patterned sweater (Pamela French) smiling directly into the camera.

Pamela French — Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

The history of ARO

Authentic Relating Ottawa (ARO) was created in July 2014 through a Meetup.com event for an Authentic Relating Games Night hosted in a backyard in Hintonburg! 17 people came out that first summer evening, and thousands of people have come to our events since then.

ARO’s intention is to foster a community of people who are excited to live their lives as a laboratory for the discovery of self, others, and what is possible through authentically relating to ourselves and the world around us. Together, we are growing our relational intelligence to be better communicators with ourselves and the world around us.

ARO creates highly specialized events designed for participants to experience unprecedented opportunities for genuine connection. At ARO, we believe that growing relational intelligence increases TRUST, INNOVATION, CREATIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY within any group, team, or organization. We also believe that the discovery of self, and the ability to truly discover others, leads to a freedom of self expression that forms the foundation for increasing personal and professional leadership.

Influences in ARO Programming

    • Non-violent Communication
    • Levels of Consciousness
    • Mindfulness

Each is supported by many other self-development tools and techniques – all of them based in presence and Love.

Authentic Relating Ottawa Offers

Events for individuals

Training for individuals

Group Programs


  • One-off Firestarter sessions
  • 3 month programs
  • 6 month programs


  • Relational Intelligence Development
  • Organizational Design and Culture
Reach out to us directly to see if your group, organization, or workplace could benefit from a custom workshop. 

Authentic Relating Games Nights are our signature event

What would it be like to have a playground where you can step outside of the box in the way you relate with other human beings and create more possibility for how that can look and feel to you? Opening up new lines of communication and shared understanding within your team.

What if this could be achieved within only a few minutes of interacting with them, once the basics of relational intelligence are taught?

All of that is possible in Authentic Relating Games – events that are full of fun, highly-interactive exercises that explore new ways of seeing, connecting and appreciating each other on a deeper and more rewarding level.

By ‘games’ we mean fun, highly interactive partner and group exercises that demonstrate and explore authentic relating, getting to know yourself better while learning to see and appreciate more about everyone you connect with. These games are NOT board games like Chutes & Ladders and checkers. Authentic Relating Ottawa ~ Laboratories for Living!

By ‘authentic’ we mean that there is no cookie-cutter mold for how you “should be” or what relating “should look like”. Everyone is a complete universe unto themselves, has a unique style, personality, and integrity that is perfectly *them*, and everyone is perfect and amazing as they are (including their belief that they aren’t).

Games give you a fully embodied, yet accessible, introduction to mindfulness, self-awareness and relational intelligence for the situation around you and how you impact it and it impacts you. Whether you’re the type of person who loves personal growth and evolution in the relationship realm, or you’re just tired of the same old boring/frustrating conversations you typically have, these Games events will be extremely beneficial to you in your life!

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