About Pamela French

Pamela French is the Chief Empowerment Officer and Co-Founder of ARO. As an alumni of the Tefler School of Business at the University of Ottawa, Pamela has worked with the United Nations in Afghanistan, the World Bank in Washington D.C., and the Canadian Federal Government in various policy and managerial roles over the last twenty years. She is passionate about creating experiences where participants develop their relational intelligence skills, especially where creativity, fun and laughter collide!

Over the last ten years of leading events, consulting for organizations and work teams, and private coaching, she has seen firsthand how these communication skills cultivate inclusion, welcome diversity, resolve conflicts quickly, and foster authentic self expression.

Pamela has over two decades worth of trainings, conferences, and spiritual/wisdom traditions under her belt and brings her unique core values of PLAY and EMPOWERMENT to every coaching or facilitation experience.

The main influences in ARO programming are Non-Violent Communication, Levels of Consciousness, Mindfulness, supported by many other self-development tools and techniques – all of them based in presence and Love.

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