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ARO creates highly specialized events and spaces designed for participants to experience unprecedented opportunities for connection.

Our intention is to foster a community of people who are excited to live their lives as a laboratory for the discovery of: self, others, and what is possible through relating authentically.

All are welcome to participate! Join us today for one of our online or in-person events.

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Interested in a custom event?

Reach out to us directly if you’re interested in customized events for your team or family.
These events lead to greater trust, creativity and productivity in any environment.

Other Available Products

Alphabet Tracer and Colouring Book by Pamela French and David French.
Available on 

Alphabet Tracer and Colouring Book: Emotional development in a fun and playful way!

Purchase this fun learning tool to boost emotional resilience while learning to read and write – with a great mix of colouring fun mixed throughout!

This Letters Workbook progressively builds confidence in learning to write starting with:

    • Writing the alphabet (A-Z, a-z)
    • Writing Common Sight Words
    • Writing Common Emotional Words
    • Colouring graphics to match the letters they are learning!