1-on-1 Coaching for Individuals – 2 Hours (Bronze)

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Hi there! You’re here because you’re READY TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! Bringing about transformation in your life in the area of communication – the very foundation for expressing ourselves and our values to the world, and being able to really hear others and appreciate them as they are and the impact they have on you and in the world.

Those who master their communication, or are on the path of mastery, are the new leaders that mobilize massive innovation, trust, creativity and FUN in the world! When you communicate authentically, you get to be you and you allow others the space to be them – the key ingredients for creating sustainable relationships – be they at work, at home, or in the community.

Thank you for creating a world where we all get to thrive – starting with you!

This package includes:

  • 1x fire starter session (2 hours)
  • Includes one follow-up call
  • This is for people who are stopped/stuck in communication but don’t know why