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No matter who you are, where you live, or what you do for a living, you too can be the change you wish to see in the world!

Authentic Relating Ottawa (ARO) is hosting an Authentic Leadership and Facilitation training weekend from Friday, January 7th, 2022 at 7pm EST until Sunday January 9th at 5pm EST.

This experiential training weekend is for you if you would like to be the change in your work, personal or play time. After this weekend you will know and build your confidence to:

  • Design and deliver meaningful experiences – be they one on one or one to many
  • Learn key leadership aspects of intention and environment setting
  • Discover tools for creating safer spaces, encouraging group bonding and open communication
  • Know how to anticipate and navigate tense situations when you are leading and facilitating
  • Clear your own unique blocks and limiting beliefs that have kept you from stepping into greater leadership and facilitation roles until now

Pamela French, Co-Founder of Authentic Relating Ottawa will offer each participant in the training weekend two hours of individual coaching within three months of this training weekend to help you take your leadership and facilitation to the next level in any area of life you choose!

At ARO we believe:

  • Everyone has the potential to be a leader and can cultivate their leadership style through this training. If you feel ready to up your leadership game, then this is for you!
  • Authentic leadership and facilitation begins with self awareness and the courage to excavate our own inner landscape so that we may hold compassionate space for others as they navigate theirs.
  • A truly transformational experience encourages a willingness to both see and be seen, all parts of ourselves, as we are, and as we are not.

If those beliefs resonate with you then this is your weekend to Be the Change and step into a whole new level of authentic leadership and facilitation in your life! The training weekend will be rich with content and experiences to inspire you and help you embody your unique voice.

This will be a collaborative online experiential weekend of learning by doing, limited to six participants in order to maximize personalized learning and growth. 

The exchange requested is $500 including HST. This includes the entire weekend training and individual coaching session offered within three months, as well as joining a community of leaders whom you can share ideas and receive support from.

Resources included in your training weekend include:

  • the latest version of the Authentic Relating Games Manual
  • a resource document filled with self-development paradigms, Authentic Relating Facilitators communities to join, and much more!
  • a sample Authentic Relating Games Night agenda/plan demonstrating preparation and facilitation tools
  • other handouts as they become applicable to your particular desires to lead and facilitate (groups, work teams, families, friend circles, your own business, etc.)

You can reserve your spot by registering here using paypal or your credit card or sending an e-transfer to

Schedule :
January 7th (Friday) : 7pm – 10pm
January 8th (Saturday) : 10:00am – 5:00pm
January 9th (Sunday) : 10:00am – 5:00pm

For testimonials from past participants, please visit the ARO Youtube Channel here:

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