Date Night – Authentic Relating Ottawa Style!

$250.00 +HST

Experience the depth of connection with authentic relating date nights! Each ticket, priced at $250 + tax and our sale price of $200 until May 20 , admits one couple for an unforgettable evening of meaningful conversation and strengthened bonds.

Date nights are on sale for $200 while we finalize details with a local Ottawa restaurant and firm up the date/time. If you want in now, no matter what, then this early early bird special price is for you!
They ticket for a couple can be used any time within 12 months.
They are non-refundable but are they transferable.

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Ready to deepen your communication and connection as a couple? Whether you’re celebrating two years or two decades together, Date Night by Authentic Relating Ottawa offers a unique opportunity to create and explore new depths in your relationship.


  • Restaurant reservation
  • Food & drinks for two people
  • Expertly facilitated activities
  • 3-hour date night


Walk away with:

  • A deeper level of connection between you
  • Improved communication during and after the Date Night
  • New ways to create intimacy between you both
  • Having laughed, maybe teared up, and lots of emotions in between those both! 

Date Night by Authentic Relating Ottawa is designed to take your communication (both verbal and non-verbal) as a couple WAY BEYOND the surface-level conversation; they’re an invitation to dive into the heart of what truly matters between you two. Through thoughtful questions, active listening, and genuine curiosity, you peel back the layers to reveal the essence of who you are and who you are becoming as a couple.

Whether you’re embarking on your first Authentic Relating Ottawa experience or your 20th, Date Night will surprise and delight you in brave and kind ways and we invite you to make it a regular part of your relationship routine. Prepare to live on the edge of your comfort zone and discover the gifts of connection between you two! Our goal is that you are ultimately uplifted by the profound connection you share. After all, love is not just about being together; it’s about growing and evolving together, and Date Night will offer a playful and deeply profound pathway to growth and evolution as a couple.